Who We Are

Our members ensure climate change education becomes climate change action.

Climate change—the greatest existential challenge of our time—demands a concerted response. The Climate Change Education Collective brings education researchers, policy makers and climate change education professionals into a shared space dedicated to producing knowledge and inspiring change.

Multiple disciplines, one goal.

The Climate Change Education Collective is creating the only space dedicated to uniting climate change education researchers, educators and policy makers.

Each of our founders are deeply involved with discovering innovative ways to deliver climate change education and establishing national classroom norms such as the Next Generation Science Standards. What they have found, over years of work: As the imperative to act on climate change grows ever more urgent, climate change education research grows ever more narrowly focused. And with that phenomenon, our ability to lead others to the urgent, collective steps needed to enact real change also shrinks.

With the launch of our inaugural conference in January 2021, we’ll take our first steps toward developing the scholarly capacity, coordination and lines of inquiry to advance climate change education research.

We are building a deep and diverse group of participants to achieve this. Before the pandemic, we planned to invite a select group to participate in person; now, with plans to offer a virtual conference, we’re opening our doors to members from around the world.

Join us

No individual, or particular discipline, can provide a complete understanding of the best way to teach about climate change. It’s why we’re casting a wide net for members. We seek educational scholars whose work touches these lines of inquiry:

  • Teaching, learning and curriculum
  • Educational policy
  • Educational contexts
  • Citizenship and climate justice

In addition, we invite scholars from fields whose perspectives are relevant to educational studies, such as:

  • Anthropology
  • Climate science
  • Communications
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Educational studies
  • Environmental studies