What we do

CCEC uses research to inform climate change education policy and practice.

Education is the most vital tool at our disposal to influence the course of climate change. By shaping the research that leads to effective teaching strategies, the Climate Change Education Collective ensures learners get the climate education they need to become responsible citizens in a changing world.

Working together today makes a difference tomorrow.

We’ve never been more certain of the effects of climate change, and the potential it has to upend societies across the planet.

Yet in many ways, coordinated action is as elusive as ever.

The Climate Change Education Collective unites research with implementation, policy and practice. We’re helping participants in each of these sectors come to a shared understanding not only of what we know, but what we need to know. Because simply conveying information about climate change isn’t enough to spark change. That comes only through a clearer understanding how individuals across multiple social contexts learn, and being able to speak to them in a manner consistent with their own motivations.

Through our inaugural conference, we’ll develop the scholarly capacity, coordination, and lines of inquiry to advance climate change education research.

The CCEC is devoted to building:

Research that has real-world impact.

We connect researchers with practitioners—and ensure that their work has a purposeful impact on climate change. By bringing together researchers attacking multiple sides of a problem, we develop solutions usable by more teachers in more places.

Education guided by best practices.

Climate change isn’t a matter of politics. Nor is it a matter of sharing “both sides.” Educators can rely on the CCEC to help them emphasize scientific fact, and adopt pedagogy shaped by researchers who understand their classroom landscape.

Policies that depend on facts, not emotion.

Policymakers need factual evidence to inform their decisions. The CCEC can provide the view from above officials need to craft standards that have the power to spark action.

Our centerpiece event, an online conference to be first held in January 2021, will yield more than a space where practitioners, policy makers and researchers can network. It’s also a place where we’ll share challenges and set goals for moving forward. We’re guided by two questions:

  • What is the current landscape of climate change educational research?
  • What are avenues for future climate change educational research?